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About Us

The principles of GB Solutions have been in business for over 30 years – each with a specialized area of expertize. From luxury accessories to packaging, GB Solutions understands your company’s needs and the sensitivity associated with your brand. It’s no wonder why some of the greatest names in the business use our manufacturing services.

We offer full turnkey solutions – from product development through fulfillment and drop shipping.

Start to finish, GB Solutions staffs in Los Angeles, CA and China monitor your project. You can rest assured that the quality and care of your project are in the hands of personnel who understand your needs and the demands of U.S. consumers.

It’s often asked how we got our name. GB Solutions was derived from GloveBrush, our own, patented product associated with dental cleaning, and the first joint venture of the two principle executives at GB Solutions. This product was introduced in the pet market and is sold under various private label names. GloveBrush can be found at PetsMart, Petco, and veterinarian offices throughout the U.S.